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WELCOME to the 2015-2016 school year at Hammond Elementary!
As the President of the PTA it is my pleasure to say "welcome back" to all of our returning families and "welcome" all of our new families!! We are so excited for the upcoming school year!! We have many fun community events being planned throughout the school year and we are working with the staff of HES to provide many ways to enhance our children's educational experience at HES this year. We are going to sponsor and support wonderful cultural arts assemblies, exciting after school programs, STEM related activities, community/family events, and so much more this year. Let me introduce you to our 2015-2016 PTA Executive Board:

  • President - Erin Roberts
  • VP Membership - Jen Beaverson
  • VP Communications - Sumaira Bajwa
  • Recording Secretary - Kerri Ukstins
  • Corresponding Secretary - Anne Braun
  • Treasurer - Randy Baldini
  • PTA Delegate - Mike Schmeckpeper
The Mission of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
The PTA is a child advocacy organization that represents and impacts every child in the school house. The PTA supports and enhances the children's elementary school experience in many ways both in the school house and through community events. The PTA cultivates a cooperative staff and parent relationship through staff appreciation events and cooperative planning. The PTA also encourages parental and public involvement in the school through its many volunteer opportunities. At times, the PTA will advocate on behalf of students, families and the local school to the larger school administration and county government. The more members we have, the louder our voice when we speak out.